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Working together to improve criminal justice

Working together to improve criminal justice

Working together to improve criminal justice

The Monument Trust‘s long-held objective has been to keep young people out of prison, and to ensure that those who offend and are sent to prison never go back. The Trust has now brought together a group of organisations to collaborate as a Fellowship for several years on each stage of the journey an offender experiences in the Criminal Justice System – from arrest, through prosecution and sentencing in court, in prisons and Young Offender Institutes and on release.

The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance is delighted to be a part of the Fellowship, along with the Centre for Justice Innovation, Clinks, Diagrama Foundation, Khulisa, Koestler Trust, Lemos&Crane, and Restorative Solutions.

Each year, an important question for criminal justice will be widely publicised. The Fellowship will seek contributions and responses from far and wide to produce a publication. For the 2017 publication, the question we and others will seek to address is: What do prisoners and ex-offenders need to learn? 

Click here for more information on the question and for details on how to contribute.

The Fellowship organisations have set out their work, aims and shared values in ‘Working Together to Improve Criminal Justice’ (October 2016), which you can download here.

The Monument Trust has been an important funder in criminal justice and has supported a large and wide-ranging number of voluntary sector projects. The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance welcomes Monument’s creation of a new partnership, which it hopes will generate new thinking and approaches in criminal justice as part of its legacy as it prepares to wind down direct funding.

Image courtesy of Paul Gent