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What do prisoners and ex-prisoners need to learn?

What do prisoners and ex-prisoners need to learn?

The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance is part of the Monument Trust’s Fellowship – a group of organisations brought together by the Monument Trust to collaborate on each stage of the journey an offender experiences in the criminal justice system, from arrest, through prosecution and sentencing in court, in prisons and Young Offender Institutes, and on release.

The other organisations making up the Fellowship include the Centre for Justice and Innovation, Clinks, Diagrama Foundation, Khulisa, Koestler Trust, Lemos&Crane, and Restorative Solutions.

Each year, an important question for criminal justice will be widely publicised. The Fellowship will seek contributions and responses from far and wide to produce a publication.

For the 2017 publication, we want to know what you think prisoners and ex-prisoners need to learn.

We are looking for people to write a response to this question based on their own experiences (either through their work, or through direct personal experience). Ideally, the Fellowship is looking for people to write in their own tone of voice, and we are particularly keen to hear from people working on the front line and prisoners and ex-prisoners. In your response, you might want to weave in statistics, evaluation findings and lessons learnt, but overall we are looking for an authentic tone.

We would like to hear about individual case studies, projects and initiatives, and ideally, contributions should be between 800 and 2000 words. The audience for the publication will primarily be other practitioners, governors and people working in the criminal justice system.

For more information on submitting a response, please click here to visit Lemos&Crane’s website.

We would like any copy by the end of May 2017.

About the Monument Trust

The Monument Trust has been an important funder in criminal justice and has supported a large and wide-ranging number of voluntary sector projects. The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance welcomes Monument’s creation of a new partnership, which it hopes will generate new thinking and approaches in criminal justice as part of its legacy as it prepares to wind down direct funding.


Image courtesy of No Place Productions (c) Mark Louden