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Voting in the NCJAA Steering Group Election 2020/21 is now open

Voting in the NCJAA Steering Group Election 2020/21 is now open

This year, there are six spaces available on the Steering Group and 19 candidates standing. Please help us choose new members of the Steering Group by following the link below, reading the candidates’ statements and voting for your six preferred candidates.

The Steering Group members are vital representatives of the NCJAA network. They meet a minimum of four times a year to shape priorities and direction for the NCJAA. This year, we have actively sought applications to the steering group from people with a range of backgrounds, to ensure a variety of regions, settings and art forms are represented. We particularly welcomed applications from black, Asian and minority ethnic people.

Voting is open until midday Friday, 12th June 2020. The new Steering Group members will be introduced to the network at the NCJAA annual meeting on Tuesday, 23rd June 2020

Our current Steering Group members include:
Abdul Shayek (Fio), Anna Herrmann (Clean Break), Esther Baker (Synergy Theatre Project), Katy Haigh (Good Vibrations), Niki Gibbs (Independent), Rebecca Friel (Odd Arts), Russ Haynes (Independent, Good Vibrations associate), Sarah Colvin (University of Cambridge).

Who can vote:
Only votes from the NCJAA and one vote per organiszation will be counted. Candidates may vote for themselves.

Read the candidate statements and vote for six new Steering Group members here