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State of the sector survey 2021: share your experiences

State of the sector survey 2021: share your experiences

State of the sector survey 2021: share your experiences

Help us advocate for you

Tell us how you’ve been doing through Clinks’ 2021 State of the sector survey. This is one of Clinks’ most important surveys of voluntary sector organisations working in the criminal justice system, and we want to hear the voices of people providing arts activity.

The need for arts provision in criminal justice settings has been starkly highlighted throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, even as you’ve faced challenges in being able to deliver it. We want to make sure the role of the arts is clear to key decision makers – but to do that, we need up to date evidence.

That’s why we’re asking as many of you as possible to complete our 20 minute survey by 8th November. If you’re involved in arts-based activity provision to people in the criminal justice system – whether as part of an organisation or as an individual practitioner – we want to hear your experiences.

Why your response matters

Each response to this survey will help us understand the experiences, challenges and opportunities for people working to transform the lives of people in the criminal justice system as we regroup from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your anonymised responses will contribute to a report exploring:

  • What services are being delivered, who is delivering them and how organisations are funded to do this
  • Who is accessing services and what their experiences have been
  • How organisations are faring in relation to staffing, finances and capacity.

With your help we’ll be able to collect the robust evidence we need to influence for change, shine a light on challenges and opportunities within the sector, and celebrate the work you do.