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Nelson Trust Gloucester Women’s Centre: art exhibition

Nelson Trust Gloucester Women’s Centre: art exhibition

Nelson Trust Gloucester Women’s Centre: art exhibition

Katie McCue, art tutor, coordinator and curator of an exhibition at the Nelson Trust’s Gloucester Women’s Centre, talks about the recent exhibition and the impact that making art can have on people’s lives:

4“Making art is not just a nice thing to do. Yes it’s a great way to just be in the moment, to make a space away from chaos and distress – and these are absolutely valid reasons in themselves.

1But, making art requires the artist to go on a journey. That journey requires commitment, taking risks, meeting challenges and finding solutions. These are skills we all need in our lives to not just survive but to thrive. The artist has to find a balance between allowing things to flow and taking responsibility for what happens. To make art is to access  imagination, feelings, and thoughts and to have the courage to express them. Creating art is like visually finding your voice.


This journey of the artist was taken by over twenty women at The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre over the last year. The result has not only been an amazing exhibition. The result is a group of women who have grown in confidence and who show pride in their abilities not only to make great art but to show commitment, take risks and find solutions when challenges need to be faced. One of the paintings has a quote painted in joyous pinks and rich purples which reads ‘life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.’ Each one of these women is not only busy creating artworks, but busy creating herself in positive life affirming ways.”


The exhibition opening was held on June 22nd at The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre in Gloucester and will be moving to The Hub Bistro for a one month public exhibition later in July.