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Meet our new NCJAA Manager

Meet our new NCJAA Manager

Meet our new NCJAA Manager

We’re thrilled to announce that Janette Kilner has joined the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance as the new NCJAA Manager to lead our team into the future.

Janette has a background in Applied Drama and Theatre, has six years of managerial experience, and over ten years’ experience of co-ordinating projects and hosting events. She is passionate about the arts and the power they have to transform lives, and cares deeply about the journey of people through the criminal justice system, bringing her own experiences, sense of compassion and drive to the work she does. Janette has worked closely alongside the NCJAA for over two years and fully understands the nature of the work and the challenges individuals and organisations working in arts and criminal justice face.

Having worked alongside the NCJAA for the past couple of years, I am absolutely thrilled to be joining them in my new role. The work of the arts in criminal justice is so vitally important to all those people moving through the system, especially in the current climate, and I am looking forward to working with the team and our new Advisory Board to continue to support the network of fantastic practitioners who dedicate their time to transforming people’s lives. To be able to bring all of your life’s experiences into one place is a unique opportunity, and one I grab with both hands to ensure we keep driving the NCJAA forward, continuing to be the voice for arts in criminal justice we have always been.”

As we welcome our new manager, we’ll also be transitioning to a new governance model from this month so we can continue to support, promote and represent the sector.

In recent years the NCJAA has gone from strength to strength and become an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. In the context of our growth and future plans, a process has been underway to look at our governance and our role within Clinks in order to understand the best way forward.

After careful consideration and discussion with a wide range of NCJAA and Clinks stakeholders, we’ve decided on a  system for governance to align better with Clinks’ governance and management processes. A new NCJAA Advisory Board, chaired by an independent Chair who will not be required to be a Clinks trustee, will be established.

If you have any questions about this or any other part of our work, feel free to get in touch.