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Listen to our new podcast

Listen to our new podcast

Listen to our new podcast

We’ve launched an exciting new podcast featuring a selection of views from our recently released Crime and Consequence book, answering the question: what should happen to people who commit criminal offences?

Each episode focuses on a particular area of the criminal justice system, drawing on the author’s lived or professional experience.

Episodes include:

  • What¬†should happen to people who commit murder?
  • Transgender in the 21st century prison system
  • How politicians and the public think about crime
  • Prison – the UK’s largest provider of residential elderly care.

The Crime and Consequence podcast is produced by Prison Radio Association for Clinks and the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance (NCJAA) on behalf of The Monument Fellowship.

Subscribe to Crime and Consequence wherever you get your podcasts, or listen via the link below.

Listen to the podcast here