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Finding rhythms, making change

Finding rhythms, making change

Finding rhythms, making change

Last week Finding Rhythms showcased its recent activity inside and outside prison, and shared its ambitions for the future, in an evening event at Premier PR‘s London office.

The charity has been running intensive 36-hour music projects in prisons led by professional musicians for the past seven years. With recording technology participants are able to build tracks of music in layers, using professional studio techniques in an improvisational setting. The charity wants to expand its work to offer the projects to more people.

Participants on Finding Rhythms projects areĀ challenged to write, compose and record an album of original music, with the aim of gaining employability and social skills, developing a more positive view of themselves and having the chance to earnĀ an Edexcel-accredited BTEC in the process. Read more about its impact here

Speaking at the London showcase, Creative Director Robin Harris shared the charity’s approach:

“We treat the people we work with as artists. Our motto is creativity first and craft second.”

Former participant, Ross, also spoke about his experience:

“The self-realisation that you are an artist, or can be an artist, is a very profound and powerful force. For me it has brought fulfillment, and filled a void that was previously given over to negative, risk-taking behaviour. Finding Rhythms has been pivotal in this journey.”

The charity also works in the community. As well as hearing songs recorded in prisons throughout the night, those present at the showcase watched live performances from young participants on a project Finding Rhythms delivered in Brixton in partnership with School Ground Sounds.

Listen to songs from Finding Rhythms’ prison projects here

Find out how you can support Finding Rhythms here

Image: HMP Parc, 2017. Courtesy of Finding Rhythms