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Experience National Justice Museum exhibition as a virtual tour

Experience National Justice Museum exhibition as a virtual tour

A National Justice Museum exhibition of women in prison is now available to experience as a virtual tour.

The exhibition includes a collection of historic photographs of women living and working in prisons. These photographs, on display for the first time, were taken in several UK prisons from 140 years ago to the 1980s.

Stitched and creative responses to the project were developed in community workshops at the gallery.

Here we present simple lists and facts around rehabilitation, routine and recreation along with statements about women experiencing prison today.

This exhibition is the start of a journey to represent multiple perspectives within our research around these extraordinary photographs. When you leave the gallery today, we invite you to consider your privilege, your freedom and the skills that you might share to enhance someone’s life.
Andrea Hadley-Johnson and Bev Baker, National Justice Museum

The virtual tour is available to watch on V21 Artspace. A 3D representation of the exhibition can be explored by clicking on photographs, text and feedback to find out more. The aim is to make the tour available to women in prisons.

The exhibition at the National Justice Museum runs until 2 February 2020.

Take the virtual tour here

Images: Gallery courtesy of Andrea Hadley-Johnson. Stitching courtesy of photographer Joe Clarke.