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Could you be the new NCJAA Chair?

Could you be the new NCJAA Chair?

Could you be the new NCJAA Chair?

3 year term, 2+ days per month
Voluntary, travel and other expenses can be met
Send an expression of interest by 1st November

Could you be the new Chair of the NCJAA and play a leading role in promoting arts in criminal justice?

Heading up the NCJAA advisory board, the Chair of the NCJAA has a crucial role in advocating for the arts and arts organisations working with people in the criminal justice system.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic and experienced leader with a track record of achieving positive change, developing strategies, and achieving effective collaboration across agencies. The Chair of the NCJAA will be passionate about the role the arts can play in the criminal justice system and the transformative power of the arts as a springboard for positive change.

If this sounds like you we’d be delighted to hear more about you.

We especially encourage applications from groups of people that are under-represented on boards, including:

  • Racially minoritised people
  • People with lived experience of the criminal justice system (including those who have spent time in prison, been on probation or who have had contact with the police).

The NCJAA is embedded in Clinks. Clinks supports, promotes and represents the voluntary sector working with people in the criminal justice system and their families. Our vision is of a vibrant, independent and resilient voluntary sector that enables people to transform their lives. The NCJAA has a distinct network, identity and website as well as an advisory board, an independent chair and distinct funding for specific work.