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Awards for prisoner re-integration

Awards for prisoner re-integration

Awards for prisoner re-integration

Prison Reform Trust has announced the launch of the Robin Corbett Award for Prisoner Re-integration, which celebrates outstanding rehabilitative work with prisoners done by a charity or community group.

Dominique Airey, Chief Executive of Khulisa (Winner 2018), said:

“Can’t encourage you more to apply – this award has been game-changing for Khulisa. It’s added real profile and credibility to our work (helping us to unlock other new funding) alongside the unrestricted £5k prize money itself.”

Nominations are invited from prison governors, directors and senior management, with the emphasis on work that fosters personal responsibility and calls on people in prison, and ex-prisoners, to help others through mentoring and other similar work. Previously unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to apply again.

The closing date for nominations is 7th December

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Image: Hummingbird, courtesy of Charles Stevens, Art of San Quentin