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2021 NCJAA bursary scheme now open

2021 NCJAA bursary scheme now open

We’re pleased to announce that the 2021 NCJAA bursary scheme is now open to arts practitioners working in criminal justice settings looking to develop their practice.

The bursary is a cash grant of up to £500 designed to support arts practitioners in criminal justice settings to access training or other costs associated with developing skills and knowledge, or to remove obstacles to accessing those opportunities.

We want to enable you to access anything that you believe will help you learn, grow and sharpen your practice in the criminal justice sector. You could use it to take part in training, join professional networks or attend conferences or workshops; we want you to tell us what you need. The grant can also be used to cover travel costs (should restrictions allow), contribute to child care costs, or help address any other access needs.

The 2021 NCJAA bursary scheme is managed by TiPP.