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11th – 30th November 2019
(Workshops on 13th and 16th November)
Donmar Warehouse, London
From £10


When she was little, she was so happy. I know everyone says that. I do.

She can’t stay awake.
She sold drugs.
She’s good at interrogations.
She drinks in the mornings.
She ate a rabbit.
She smashed up a shop.
She stabbed a man.
She used a hammer.
She had a baby.
She can’t find her mother.
She’s covered in blood and doesn’t know why.

From Clean Break, [BLANK] takes a kaleidoscopic view of what happens when a woman goes to prison.

The play receives its full-length premiere to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Clean Break, the leading theatre company working with women affected by the criminal justice system.

Written by Alice Birch.

Co-produced by Clean Break and Donmar Warehouse.

Image courtesy of Clean Break