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The Trial

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Four images in a grid, featuring the title "TRIAL" in one, a woman in another, and men in the last two

The Trial

26th July – 26th August 2019, Spike Island, Cork
29th August – 12th September 2019, Lifford Courthouse, Donegal
26th September – 3rd November 2019, Dublin Castle, Dublin

The Trial is a visual art installation on healthcare and human rights in the Irish criminal justice system, created by Sinead McCann and made in collaboration with men from the Bridge Project Dublin who have lived prison experiences.

The project accompanies research by University College Dublin historians, Catherine Cox and Fiachra Byrne for the project ‘Prisoners, Medical Care and Entitlement to Health in England and Ireland, 1850-2000’.

On multiple screens, three characters – Tommy, Charlie, Neili – tell the real life stories of those who have been held or worked in Irish penal institutions during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Trial is produced in collaboration with Theatre of the Oppressed specialist Sarah Meaney, and Mary Caffrey and Dan Monk of Sixbetween video production company.

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Image courtesy of Sinead McCann & Sixbetween