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Shutter stories: prison life through the lens

  • This event has passed.

Shutter stories: prison life through the lens

The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance’s annual Anne Peaker lecture will focus this year on the use of photography and film in criminal justice settings, looking at how different media can reveal life behind prison doors, and how film and photography can be powerful tools for sharing stories.

The event, happening on 7th December (6.30 – 9pm) will see artist and photographer Edmund Clark share his experience of being the Artist in Residence at HMP Grendon, and how working in the prison has influenced his creative practice.

Edmund’s lecture will be followed by a panel discussion looking at questions surrounding the use of media in criminal justice settings:

  • How can film and photography change public perception about life in prison?
  • How can we use film and photography to enable prisoners to share their voices – and can this help them on their desistance journey?

The panel will include:

  • Edmund Clark, artist and Artist in Residence at HMP Grendon
  • Rashmi Becker, PhD student at the University of Cambridge working on a photobook of people with learning disabilities in the Criminal Justice System
  • Carlotta Allum, founder and director of Stretch Charity
  • Raheel Mohammed, founder and director of Maslaha

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