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Inside Perspective

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Inside Perspective

27th November – 9th December 2018
Tate Exchange, Tate Liverpool

An exhibition of prisoner artwork inspired by Op art in Focus, currently on display at Tate Liverpool, Inside Perspective will present an examination of the lines, shapes and colours used to create dazzling, optical effects.

This project is the second to be presented by social enterprise Novus, who deliver education, training and employability services to adults and young people in the UK’s prisons.

They have found that prisoners engaging in creative arts projects can help to increase self-confidence, tackle issues and build relationships with their families, and sustaining strong family relationships while in prison can play an important role in helping to reduce reoffending. Learners from a wide range of classes have used their skills to engage with the project.

Artwork will be displayed from adults and young people in prisons in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, London, and Kent and Sussex, young people’s institutions (Kent, Staffordshire and Yorkshire) and secure training centre (Rugby).

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons [public domain]