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Free Effective Facilitation Workshop with Good Vibrations

  • This event has passed.
Good Vibrations

Free Effective Facilitation Workshop with Good Vibrations

Youth Music is funding Good Vibrations to run a series of immersive, day-long effective facilitation workshops for music and arts practitioners working with people in challenging circumstances. Their next one is on the 29th November 2017, and it’s a free workshop at York University.

In the training, practitioners will:

  • Immerse themselves in the experience of being a participant in a condensed, typical Good Vibrations course.
  • Observe an experienced facilitator modelling a range of facilitation techniques and experience the impact on group dynamics and musical outcomes.
  • Have fun and get the opportunity to get to know other practitioners working in challenging circumstances.
  • Put on a performance and get to keep a CD of the music created on the day.
  • Learn a new skill – to play the Javanese gamelan orchestra!
  • Be given new Royal College of Music research on Good Vibrations’ facilitative approach – the theory behind the experience.
  • Come out feeling inspired about the potential of incorporating new facilitation techniques into their practice.

Anyone wishing to register their interest should email malcolm@good-vibrations.org.uk ASAP, as places are limited to 20.