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Sarah Hartley

Meet the team

Sarah Hartley

Sarah Hartley was appointed Co-Chair of the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance (NCJAA) in January 2023. Sarah has worked in prison education for 16 years. As national lead for creative strategies at Novus, Sarah is passionate about using the arts to enable change. With a background as an art teacher and an MA in socially engaged art, she supports her Novus teaching colleagues to make sure that creative arts and enrichment programme enhances learners’ experiences in the classroom, provides a platform for re-engagement in formal education, supports wellbeing and self-development, and provides a voice to many without one.

At Novus Sarah works with passion, care and commitment to create the foundations for change across England and Wales. Novus is part of the LTE Group, a UK social enterprise dedicated to improving lives and economic success through learning and skills. Novus fulfils its Group’s social mission by providing the learning, skills and opportunity that offenders need to build positive futures for themselves, their families, and our communities. Arts and Enrichment is a key part of this and they have a strategy to grow its scope even further in the coming years.

Header image courtesy of Prisoners’ Education Trust (c) Rebecca Radmore