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Erika Flowers

Meet the team

Erika Flowers
Advisory Board member

Erika Flowers is a London Based freelance artist who works across many media including Illustration. Painting, Murals, Animation and Ceramics.

Erika’s experience of the challenges that she experienced herself in accessing creative facilities within the prison system, and those faced upon release seeking employment in the creative sector, has spurred her to seek ways to visually communicate the Criminal Justice sector, the struggles of prisoners, and export them to a wider public audience. She has found herself exposing realities and embracing the talent of people that face the barriers of having a conviction.

Erika, amongst other work, delivers work in the Criminal Justice Sector; Art based workshops, and Mural painting with INYBB, and has been involved in the campaign to ensure that there is a proper legacy building for women following the closure of HMP Holloway, London’s only female prison. Erika has been involved with the NCJAA since 2018, joining the advisory board at it’s inception in 2021.

Erika’s work can be found at www.recordedinart.com

Header image courtesy of Prisoners’ Education Trust (c) Rebecca Radmore